Barbara Ulman

Composer, Pianist

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Barbara's sheet music is available at Musicaneo.

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Released: 2012
Available on
iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby

The CD Music of the Senses contains live performances of music by Barbara Ulman composed from 1962 - 2009.

The first five numbers are for mixed chorus, including a short humorous piece dating from 1962, and one from 1978 in the style of a Bach chorale. The other choral works date from 1997 - 2009. The most contrapuntal number in the choral section,
Joy, Praise, Hope, combines four Psalms with a Sanskrit mantra.

Reverie and Rondo, a duet for clarinet and piano, separates the choral music from the solo voice compositions on the CD. Reverie is slow and contemplative, while Rondo has fast runs and an angular melody reminiscent of Hindemith.

The six songs for solo voice which complete the CD all have piano accompaniment. Two use additional instruments: French horn in one; English horn and violin in the other. The poems set to music here are among the composer’s favorites. Ulman states, “Some poetry sings to me; the words are so lyrical that they guide me to a melody.” Ulman meticulously sets the English language in the rhythms of normal speech, with music that illustrates the words.

The CD is packaged in an eco-friendly container. A booklet is included, featuring the lyrics to all the vocal numbers, notes on the lesser-known poets, and the history of some of the compositions.
Published 2013 Barbara Ulman