Barbara Ulman

Composer, Pianist
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"one winter afternoon"

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This is a new video for a performance of one of my earliest compositions.

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Music Reviews

"Your music is great, and it makes the world a better place!" 

Nick Peros
Phoenix Classical
a division of Phoenix Records Ltd.

"I like your music; it's gritty."

Daniel Shaw
Conductor of Composer's Choir,
Middlefield, Connecticut

"Your music deserves to be heard."

Dr. Bradley Hufft
Music Department, California State University, Fresno
       Executive Director, Orpheus Chamber Music Ensemble
        Assistant Director, Fresno New Music Festival

"Ulman is in her element in vocal writing."

David DeBoor Canfield
composer; reviewer for Fanfare Magazine

"Ulman strongly bases her melodic-rhythmic structure on the patterns of speech."

Lynn René Bayley
reviewer for Fanfare Magazine

"The harmonic language is remarkably assured and consistent... She writes with a sure hand, especially for chorus."

Colin Clarke
reviewer for Fanfare Magazine

 "Music of the Senses achieves an accessible sound underpinned by homorhythmic textures and imitative gestures. "

 Jorge Variego
reviewer for Fanfare Magazine

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