Barbara Ulman

Composer, Pianist
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Sheet music of the 12 interval Studies available at:

About the Music
Composer: Barbara Ulman
Years: 1979 - 2012

In an ear-training class, Professor James Winter suggested using the opening notes of well-known music as an aid in learning the sounds of the intervals. Many students had trouble identifying or singing the intervals. I played the various intervals all over the keyboard, and realized that it would be beneficial to have actual music to practice for each interval. As I wrote and played these pieces, I learned that not only are they useful for ear-training and voice-training, but they are also valuable for training the hands and eyes of a pianist.

Each piece in this set of Interval Studies is preceded by a brief phrase beginning with the featured interval. Ear training, and also performance, will be enhanced by practicing the two hands separately until hands and ears are familiar with the interval. After that, play the hands together and listen for the intervals as you play the music.

Playlist of the 12 interval Studies:


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Published 2013 Barbara Ulman