Barbara Ulman

Composer, Pianist
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Composer: Barbara Ulman
Years: Reverie 1977 - Rondo 1988
Martin Sobelman, clarinet
Barbara Ulman, piano

Reverie is a free-form composition in the Phrygian mode, written in 1977 for my first composition class at California State University, Fresno. After a few years, I arranged it for clarinet and piano, and later, when I began imagining a bassoon playing some of the lower passages, I arranged it for woodwind quintet.

began as a ten-bar canon for piano. In 1988, I expanded it into a rondo form as a duet for clarinet and piano. After many years, I arranged it for woodwind quintet as a companion piece for the quintet version of Reverie.

Sheet music including solo, duet, and quintet versions and audio file available at:

Published 2013 Barbara Ulman